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Hide Photos stores protected images in an AES-encrypted secure container that is easily accessible
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13 March 2009

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Hide Photos stores protected images in an AES-encrypted secure container that is easily accessible with an Explorer-like interface. Full-color thumbnail previews of the protected pictures and convenient search are available.

Pros: Hide Photos helps hide for-your-eyes-only photos in a password-protected secure container. The application provides an explorer like interface to browse through pictures hidden in the container. Full color thumbnails are available for viewing and one can have all the tags and comments added for easy search. A bunch of data related to the photo including EXIF data for digital photos are included and displayed.

Compared to Zip or RAR archives the Hide Photo is more secure in that it never leaves a trace on the hard disk. By contrast accessing a photo within a Zip/ RAR archive will leave a copy in a temporary file and could easily be found. So even after a lot of work has been done with the hidden files, once the job is done all the photos are completely protected within the secure container and the strong encryption.

What if one forgets the password? Beside an appropriate hint question there’s hardly any help that can be provided. This is provided for and one has to be prudent about choosing the right question without revealing clues to the password of course.

The user interface is localized and can be set for a range of languages.

Cons: Nothing much can be done on the photos within the secure sandbox. For any meaningful processing the images will have to be brought into some image processing and that, I guess, can leave a trail. One could easily hide such photos in several web based services available today.

Overall feels like a limited application program. It does it’s limited purpose well alright, a 3 star rating would be appropriate.

Publisher's description

Every digital photographer has pictures not intended for public view. Hide for-your-eyes-only photos in a password-protected secure container!
Why is this better than a password-protected ZIP or RAR archive? Hide Photos is so much more convenient, fast and secure than any packer that there's really no comparison! Hide Photos stores protected
images in an encrypted secure container that is easily accessible with an Explorer-like interface. It displays full-color thumbnail previews of the protected pictures, and conveniently organizes your
collection with tags and comments for quick search.
Exactly how secure is the protection? Hide Photos employs the industry-standard AES encryption with 256-bit keys. There's hardly anything in the world to better protect your digital pictures! If you use
an encrypted ZIP or RAR archive, every time you need to access a picture it will be extracted from the archive and stored temporarily on your hard disk, leaving the image un-encrypted. Hide Photos never
extracts anything onto the hard disk, and leaves absolutely no traces both while you're working with the image and after you've finished.
There's a downside to security. If you forget your password, no one, but no one will be able to help you recover your protected pictures. Hide Photos is well aware of the issue, and allows you to specify
a password hint to give you and only you an idea about the password. Just make sure not to use a hint that's too trivial to protect your passwords from easy guessing!
Hide Photos is convenient and secure, but what about its ease of use? It shines in this department, too! You can add or extract pictures by dragging and dropping single images or entire folders from
Windows Explorer, or select pictures to protect from within the Explorer-like interface.
Protect your digital pictures against the curious eye and make them impossible to access without your authorization with Hide Photos!
Hide Photos
Hide Photos
Version 1.4
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